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Best Commentator Houston 2007 - Jim Deshaies, Houston Astros Television

Readers' Choice: Milo Hamilton

The sports commentator ­doesn't give the facts. He fills in the lines that connect the facts. He helps the fans, serious and casual, understand what's happening in the game, and why it's happening. No one in Houston does this better than Jim Deshaies. The former Astros pitcher latched onto the Astros broadcast crew after retiring, and he's never looked back. He knows that baseball is just a game, and while he wants everyone to understand this game that these big boys are playing, he wants everyone to have fun. The stadium is Deshaies's living room, and you're watching the game on his big screen. He fills in the blanks, gives a few laughs. He does his job. So the Astros might lose, but at least you'll know why.

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