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Best Computer Store Houston 2007 - Apple Store, Houston Galleria

Apple Store, Houston Galleria

Apple Store, Houston Galleria

5085 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77056


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Readers' Choice: Fry's Electronics

Okay, all you PC lovers, put up your dukes! It's on! The PC vs. Mac argument has been going for years. It will be years still before that particular consumer struggle is decided, but inside the Apple store in the Galleria, Mac has won. A haven for Mac lovers who are usually relegated to some back corner of the PC store, the Apple Store was recently refurbished and now resembles an art gallery. Gray walls feature strategic lighting that highlights displays of Mac software; long tables run down the center of the showroom, groaning under the weight of notebooks and iPods; and there's plenty of space for mingling. These days there's a huge display of iPhones right up front (just look for the table where everyone stands entranced), and a children's table in the back, with supposedly indestructible, kid-friendly computers.

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You must be kidding. I had problems with my ipod and had called them about it. When I brought it in they wouldn\'t even talk to me without coming back for an appointment!


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