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Best Convenience Store Houston 2007 - Hollywood Food Store

Readers' Choice: Hollywood Food Store

This chain of Vietnamese-owned stores has been serving neighborhood patrons with all sorts of needs, at all sorts of hours. No matter if you need to just pick up some milk or want to choose a fresh cigar from the walk-in humidor, this place provides the things commonly found in a normal convenience store and then some. From their fine selection of chocolates to unusual magazines, you will find it all here, well-priced and sold to you with a smile.

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The only way I would agree with the comment above is if you want to buy what they have. Otherwise, they don't give a s***. I asked today about if they had chili. The way the clerk responded made me ask "and you don't really care, do you?" The clerk said, "since you put it that way, no!" I'll never go back into any of those stores again. They could care less about their coustomers!!!!!!!! All the owners want is the almight dollar!