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Best Dentist Houston 2007 - Bruce Smith, DDS

Bruce Smith is a great believer in "no pain" dentistry. That alone should qualify him for an award, but that's not all Dr. Smith has done to deserve our notice. The dentist, who began his career by doing service work in rural Waller County, came to Houston in 1981 — the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. When Smith saw the incredible need for quality dental care for HIV/AIDS patients, who often had no medical insurance, he helped found the Bering Dental Clinic, which provided free services. He also developed a universal precaution standard that he taught to other dentists so that they could safely care for HIV/AIDS patients. His current practice includes people from all walks of life.

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marcus collins
marcus collins

my teeth hurt real bad have less than 20 I wish to have then removed and replacd with dentures I have hart and liver problames on warrfaden I need to know if you can help I receve ssa and use the houstou V.A. for all health care but they don't do my teeth please contact me I need help

phillip  black
phillip black

I GOT HIV WHEN I GO TO bering dental have problem with them. I got feel got be gay to get fix teeth. first time I call they said look my old file and tell me call back. I did call back they give me hard time. when they did I WAS not home that time so I call them. when I call them they said need up day my t.c. I did got my t.c and go in to dental on 10/22/09 to take x.RAY. after takee X.RAY she turn round said need renew my paper work after 30 before I can get my teeth fix. I think she have I come in on 10/28/09 oh no she didt. I got feel she try hard get really mad. I did not go down play game with them. I am try get my teeth fix. if they dont want fix my teeth sure get back my XRay.BERING DENAL CLINIC

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