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Best Dive Houston 2007 - The Cozy Corner

The Cozy Corner

The Cozy Corner

11530 Burdine St.

Houston, TX 77035


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Stepping into this dark, friendly cavern of a tatterdemalion strip mall bar near the ruins of Westbury Square is like entering a portal back to 1980, with a difference. Yes, it's got the requisite low ceiling, cheap drinks, smoky ambience, early opening time (11 a.m.) and friendly, take-no-shit service you expect from any old-school dive worth its salty peanuts. And yep, there's not much on the jukebox to thrill the ears of trendoid Hot Chip and Lightning Bolt fans — we're talking stuff like Wet Willie, Hank Sr. and .38 Special. But this isn't your average suburban strip mall dive by a long shot, as any trip to the Cozy's Friday and Saturday night karaoke extravaganzas will prove. Let's just say Westbury more than lives up to its "Little Montrose" nickname during Cozy Corner karaoke night.

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Jerome Banasik Jr.
Jerome Banasik Jr.

Live around the corner from the Cozy Corner. Knew about but had never gone there for last 5 years. We got our friends to move over to Westbury as this is a super awesome convenient location to live in town.

They moved in and have dragged us to this bar several times now already in the last two weeks.

They built a smoking area in parking lot since smoking banned in bar and just repainted the interior, new carpet, upgraded bathrooms.

Our friends basically said if we start going the next thing you know they will be remodeling. Who knew? And that's what's happening.

Everyone who works here is so friendly and local. It's like stepping in a small town you don't know but is still Houston.

Yes it's small but super friendly people and very gay friendly. Westbury is becoming the GLBT place to live since Montrose has gotten so expense. And the houses and yards are super huge and fabulous for parties and get togethers.

Free snacks and free shuffle board.

Wed is shuffle board tournament. Fri and Sat are fun Karaoke. Good selection.

Also bring a CD with a receipt(for copyright purposes)and they will add it to the juke box on Tuesdays. This is a super cool gay friendly ity bitty bar.

Again tiny but very awesome.

a supporter
a supporter

For better information....Cozy has been a nice little neighborhood bar for over 30 + years. They encourage and welcome everyone to come in and experience the great hospitality and fun that come from all its patrons and employees. This bar is so welcoming, everyone makes sure all of its newcomers feel as if they are part of their family. Come in and find out what's up & coming @ Cozy Corner and see for yourself what you are missing out on.