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Best Family Outing Houston 2007 - Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston Museum of Natural Science

5555 Hermann Park Drive

Houston, TX 77030


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Houston was once home to AstroWorld, amusement park extraordinaire. Sadly, AstroWorld is gone, but we still have a world-class family entertainment facility – the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Wait, wait, yes, it's a museum, but it's not the kind where you have to whisper and the exhibits are safely tucked behind velvet ropes. Here, kids are encouraged to talk and touch, even to squeal with delight, if they are so moved. Blending education with entertainment, the museum presents a variety of permanent shows and a year-round schedule of touring exhibitions. Previous shows have included "Imperial Rome," "Frogs! A Chorus of Colors" and the internationally touted (and controversial) "Body Works 3."

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I love the HMNS! I'm 24 and I still think its fun to go there with my friends. They have films to watch, the rainforest pyramid, and have interesting exhibits to look at.


I think that the Houston Museum of natural science is a good place to go out to but thier really isnt anything diffrent to do. Sure thier are diffrent exhibitions but its like the same routine as if i were at school, you learn something diffrent but you do it in the same way same procedures so to say. I would say that the only REALLY interesting and most recent exhibit would be the body works