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Best Fish and Chips Houston 2007 - Wild Kitchen

Wild Kitchen

Wild Kitchen

8806 Stella Link

Houston, TX 77025


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"Wild Kitchen, London and Cajun Style" reads the confusing sign in front of this wacky fish-and-chip stand. The Korean-American owner, Joon, explains that he moved to Houston from Northern California, where he had a 14-store chain of London-style fish-and-chip restaurants. But when he tried to serve London-style fish and chips in Houston, everybody asked for spicy Cajun-style seafood instead. So he decided to roll out a new concept featuring both London- and Cajun-style fried fish. Thus Wild Kitchen was born. You will probably like the lovely golden-brown coating on the London-style fish over the slightly gritty Cajun cornmeal. But the Cajun cornmeal is vastly preferable on the shrimp. Don't miss the extremely juicy, large fried oysters. They taste great with both the London and the Cajun coating. And the onion rings resemble the tempura onions you get at a Japanese restaurant — they're spectacular.

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I finally visited Wild Kitchen it was nice and clean. I was greeted as soon as I entered ordered london style fish and chips. It came with both onion rings and hush puppies. Not really fish and chips in my book. Not quite sure if the fish was really fresh. Have had better in Houston.