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Best Fried Chicken Houston 2007 - Barbecue Inn

Barbecue Inn

Barbecue Inn

116 W. Crosstimbers

Houston, TX 77018


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Readers' Choice: Frenchy's Chicken

For the best fried chicken in town, there's nothing like homemade. But if mama's isn't available, there's always the Barbecue Inn. I know, you're thinking, BBQ Inn? Yep, BBQ Inn. When you order the Southern fried chicken, you will face two problems. The first is that it takes 25 minutes, because it's made from scratch. The wait is somewhat alleviated with the salad course, but then there's the second problem: the excruciatingly long time between when the plate is placed in front of you and when you can take your first bite, at least five minutes later. All you can do is to stare at the four perfectly cooked pieces of chicken while you wait for them to cool just enough not to burn your mouth. Think you've had crispy chicken before? Think again. This stuff is so crispy, you'll be picking up every crumb of crispy coating that falls off.

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i totally agree with the HP on this one. i prefer the fried chicken at barbeque inn to frenchy's which won reader's choice. frenchy's batter is too salty for my taste and BI's chicken has the crispiest, flakiest coating, but is super greasy. (for my fried chicken fix, i love max's wine dive. the chicken also takes 20 mins, but is served with collard greens, marscapone mashed potatoes, and chipotle honey.)

btw, barbeque inn makes some damn good fried shrimp.