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Best Hardware Store Houston 2007 - Southland Hardware

Southland Hardware

Southland Hardware

1822 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77098


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Readers' Choice: Bering's Hardware

This isn't a mega-size warehouse, and you won't find any people wearing orange aprons here. Instead, you'll find one of the oldest hardware stores in the city and a staff that can help you with the most obtuse of questions. By the time they're done answering you, you'd believe they built the city themselves if they told you so. Making your visit even more enjoyable, Southland is like a toy store for adults, a place you can browse for things you didn't even know you needed, until you saw them.

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That store is a great store, cause my dad work there until he died.His name was Costa (Tommy) Tomasino. He's been dead for 4 1/2 years now. Yes all the people are great there.