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Best Hidden Bar Houston 2007 - Absinthe



609 Richmond

Houston, TX 77006


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Nestled in a nondescript little office strip on the lower end of Richmond, Absinthe is a terrific bar, but one that doesn't exactly spread the word about itself. There's no sign, no indication that the low-slung little building houses anything at all, but open the impressive wooden doors and you've entered a wonderfully cozy little enclave. It has couches and comfortable chairs, music that's high-quality but not overpowering in volume, and some of the best bar munchies around — freshly made mini-pizzas, quesadillas and carpaccio are all standouts. It's a great place to start an evening, and you get to feel like you've been let in on a fantastic secret. Let's just hope they don't put up a sign.

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