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Best Hidden Neighborhood Houston 2007 - Westbury

This Southwest Houston neighborhood has had a bit of a bad rap, some of it connected to relocated Katrina victims. But, despite the catfight at Westbury High last year, a lot of that involved the victims as victims, not as perpetrators. Other émigrés in this neighborhood, chock-full of 50-year-old, easily rehabilitated ranch homes, have for the past few years been gay couples. (We've heard Westbury is the new Montrose; we're hoping they mean the "old" version, not the new corporate and condo enclave.) Whether this has to do with transgender lawyer Phyllis Frye, arguably one of Westbury's more famous residents and who works hard on the Westbury Civic Club, is not known. Regardless, Westbury residents are working to make their homes fabulous. Quick access to major highways; great shopping and decent food nearby — the constant traffic on West Bellfort is nothing but white noise to Westbury residents in their little Garden of Eden.

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David Stallard
David Stallard

I still live in Westbury Square, it's not only Katrina transplants, but if you don't habla, you will find it's about 50/40 and I'm not sure if my Alma Matter from Westbury High school even has any whites. The homes central in Westbury are nice, my mom still has her home, but the surrounding area is going down fast.


I wouldn't dispute any of the claims on this except the "hidden" part. It's a subdivision of nearly 5000 homes, little hard to be considered "hidden" when you are that large! I wish they could pick more than one. If I could, I would add Lindale Park, Eastwood, Robindell, Idylwood, and Glenbrook Valley to the list.