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Best Hot Dog Houston 2007 - Katz's Deli and Bar

Katz\'s Deli and Bar

Katz's Deli and Bar

616 Westheimer St.

Houston, TX 77006


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Let's start with the buns here. Katz's uses a rich, yellow, brioche-style bun to hold an all-beef wiener that snaps when you bite it. Cover that with a wad of caramelized onions and sauerkraut, and you have the makings of a damn good hot dog. If you're a purist, you can order the dog plain and squeeze mustard on it. Katz's is always open, so you can satisfy your hot dog craving whenever you want. And lucky for us, it's also a bar. You can wash down your pickles with an assortment of specialty drinks and cold beer. If you are in a particular mood, you can even take pictures in the photo booth with your awesome hot dog...but that can get messy.

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What is the point of eating something that does not taste good? So the people who time-in and time-out produce mouth-watering, scrumptious food should be celebrated and not insulted when some of the most basic categories are awarded to people who are truly not worthy! For example the award for the best hot dog went to Katz�s. This is just completely absurd, has anyone ever been to Katz�s? That place sucks!! And so do their hot dogs. The only thing good about Katz�s is that it is open all night, so you can get waited on by unfriendly staff and get less than par food twenty-four hours a day.