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Best Improv Troupe Houston 2007 - The Greatest Thing in the History of the World

Houston has a nice tradition of short-form improv, so it was nice to see a change of pace this year with The Greatest Thing in the History of the World. The long-form improv troupe works in the style perfected by the Upright Citizens Brigade. (In fact, many of the members of GTHW have trained with UCB in NY — oops, we mean New York.) For those unfamiliar with long-form improv, it's like a Saturday Night Live skit that's created on the spot. GTHW is introducing Houston to the style at venues such as Rudyard's, the Proletariat and Walter's on Washington. Their name might be too long to remember, but it's also pretty hard to forget. So keep your eyes out for the next flyer to find out why size matters in instant comedy.

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Matthew Archambault
Matthew Archambault

Kudos to Paul Oddo\'s GTHW and to the rest of the budgeoning Houston scene (gotta love Massive at the Mink!)...looking to come back with my New York group and perform there someday!

michael garcia
michael garcia

as a longform improvisor i would like to comment on the incorrect description of what longform improvisation is. your writer stated that its like an SNL skit created on the spot. in reality its much more than than. its an improvised play with characters and scenes that relate to each other and when done well will interconnect these characters and storylines. instead of SNL i would relate it to MR SHOW or even FAMILY GUY. check out


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