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Best Liquor Store Houston 2007 - Spec's Liquor Warehouse

Spec\'s Liquor Warehouse

Spec's Liquor Warehouse

2410 Smith

Houston, TX 77006


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Readers' Choice: Spec's

They call it Spec's Liquor Warehouse because, well, calling a liquor store the size of a large supermarket just a store wouldn't exactly do it justice. This Mecca offers it all, no matter what you're looking to down. If you need a keg for a frat party, they have over 200 different types and sizes to choose from. If for some reason you're looking for an $800 bottle of Scotch, well, they have that too, as well as a mind-boggling amount of wine that would be impossible to choose from without help from the exceptionally knowledgeable staff.

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Gerald F. Ryan
Gerald F. Ryan

Do you have a single malt Scotch called Black Pot? It is also known in Gaelic as Poit Dubh. I have never been able to find it here. The distiller is located on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and its website can be found under the Gaelic phrase Praban Na Linne.