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Best Local TV News Reporter Houston 2007 - Chau Nguyen

Readers' Choice: Marvin Zindler

It's early Saturday morning, you're hung over and you can't sleep. You flip on the TV for something to soothe your aching brain. Local news is the last thing you want — no cheesy, chatty, cookie-cutter face blathering on about red-light cameras, thank you. But there's anchorwoman Chau Nguyen, making sense. She's not talking down to you. And before you know it, you're learning something. And you remember, "Hey, that's the whole idea in the first place." Later in the week you find her out in the field, wearing her reporter hat this time. And you wonder, "Why can't more broadcast news be like this?"

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Rob Todd
Rob Todd

I'm voting for Ryan Korsgard next year.


I guess Brian Wice really does have influence with Richard. Year after year, the best reporters are always his friends!

Terry Bartifay
Terry Bartifay

Chau Nguyen embodies everything that is "right" in Houston news. I wish she spent more time behind the anchor desk.


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