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Best Maid Service Houston 2007 - Maid 4 Texas

Are you a lazy slob? Do you not like cleaning up after yourself? Well, whether you're lazy or legitimately cleaning-impaired, Maid 4 Texas is your savior. They will tackle your nasty kitchen and your disgusting bathroom. They will disinfect, mop, sweep, dust, vacuum, polish, remove, add and empty. They will undo all of your damage and make your place sparkle. They will customize a cleaning plan for you, and you can get a free quote on the phone or online. Quite simply, they offer a comprehensive range of services for a reasonable price. Hop to it, you bum. You've got company coming over tonight — do you really want them to think you live like this?

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I used this Maid 4 Texas for a couple months. At first it was alright. The people did an ok job, although not incredibly thorough. They also come at highly varying times. I requested around 2pm when I first set up the service, but they've come as early as 12 and as late as 4:30. A really big problem came when I had some issues with my work schedule.

Both my fiancee and I have busy work schedules, so at one point, we had to reschedule the day of our service. I apologized for this and realized it was very inconvenient for them.

A couple weeks later, the maids came again and didn't clean one of the rooms they were supposed to, which was really annoying.

Then for the next scheduled visit.. the maids supposedly came around 2 pm. My fiancee was in the house waiting. She didn't hear a knock (even if they did our dog would have barked his head off) or the doorbell. I called a bit later to tell them my phone number had changed. The lady on the other end said that they would have to switch me to on-call (meaning I have to schedule each time and they charge more) because the maids had come but no one was home.

So basically.. this company provides average service when they do come. The time they come doesn't match your requested schedule, they are not forgiving of people with busy schedules (I have to assume that's their target market), and they lie when they screw up.


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