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Best Mexican Houston 2007 - Mexico's Deli Tortas & Tacos

Mexico\'s Deli Tortas & Tacos

Mexico's Deli Tortas & Tacos

2374 Dairy Ashford Rd.

Houston, TX 77077


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Mexico's Deli on Dairy Ashford is a humble little eatery with walk-up counter service and exceptional food. The tacos al pastor are made with marinated pork and bits of pineapple carved from a trompo (a cone of meat on a vertical roaster) on display beside the grill. The tangy pork is served on three small tortillas with a garnish of onions and cilantro and your choice of salsas. There are more than 20 variations of the Mexican sandwiches called tortas to choose from. Torta lomito Argentino, a steak-and-egg sandwich, is among the best. It features a thin slice of beef tenderloin, a fried egg, a thin slice of ham, mozzarella, avocado and tomato, all on a huge bun spread with refried black beans. Don't miss the flan — it's made with a pecan praline in the baking cup underneath the custard, for a simple, but delicious, twist on the old favorite.

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