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Best Neighborhood Spot in Bellaire Houston 2007 - Yia Yia's Roadster Grill

Yia Yia\'s Roadster Grill

Yia Yia's Roadster Grill

5210 Bissonnet

Bellaire, TX 77401


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The Roadster is a family-owned burger joint with a Greek twist. ("Yia Yia" is Greek for "granny.") A lot of times, hybrid restaurants fall flat on one side of the equation or the other — think of all those barbecue/burger joints with great burgers but lame 'cue. Not the Roadster; not only are their burgers juicy and delicious, but they also dish out mean moussaka and savory souvlaki. (The gyros, hot dogs and Philly cheese steaks are also worth investigating.) Owner Nick Semoudiaris treats his customers like family — you're never a stranger at the Roadster.

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lauren granato
lauren granato

hello.i call my granny yia yia too haha

and i have the samme last name as you.granato. =]]


I have been there a couple of times, and have not been dissapointed with their food. I have ordered gyros and a kid's burger, but just by looking around you can tell they offer great hamburgers, salads and well, the hamburgers are on everyone's plates, so they must be good. One suggestion, keep the place a little cleaner, update the counter, and make sure your staff cleans the few tables you have in a timely manner. This could really be amazing, just keep up the maintenance, and you will see your little spot be THE SPOT in Bellaire for a quick lunch....remember, Jack's grill is just around the corner.