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Best Neighborhood Spot Outside the Loop Houston 2007 - Burn's BBQ

Burn\'s BBQ

Burn's BBQ

7117 N. Shepherd

Houston, TX 77091


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Why would you pick a place where you can't actually sit down and eat? Because of the food, the people-watching and the atmosphere. Besides, there's always the trunk of your car or, for most people, take-out. And there's one or two picnic tables, too. Finding the place is difficult, because it's located in an old house off the beaten path in Acres Homes. You'll know you're there when you see all of the parked cars and a line outside the house. And you'd best be ready with your order, 'cause the ladies ain't got no time to waste. Take your ticket, listen for your number and wait for some of the best barbecue you'll ever taste. There's tender brisket with the requisite smoke ring, fall-off-the-bone ribs and two kinds of sausage — one commercial and one homemade. Sides include a mustardy potato salad and beans. They often run out of things, so it pays to get there early. Also, it's cash-only.

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DeFranco Donny
DeFranco Donny

Pierson & Company is where you want to head if you're going for bbq in this neighborhood. Houston Press, Chronincle and Houston Chowhounds have given Pierson & Company the nod for Best BBQ...for good reason. If you try one new place, make it Pierson & Company BBQ!