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Best New Club Houston 2007 - Libra Lounge

Almeda south of Alabama is hopping these days, nowhere more so than at the Libra Lounge. New Orleans native and longtime Houstonian Coye Devrouax set out to create an authentic Crescent City-style hole in the wall, and he's done just that. It's easy to imagine you're in the Big Easy's Sixth Ward rather than Houston's Third, especially on Monday nights when the club offers up red beans and rice, and ­second-liners step to the funky fire of the Soul Rebels Brass Band. Just don't try to take your drink outside — despite all evidence to the contrary, you're still in Texas.

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I must say that,I was impressed with this little loungewith huge potential. It feels a little urban.Sitting inthe middle of renamed third ward (Mid Town).My thought,of this spot when I first visited was ummm what's reallygoing on? I guess I can do this certain nights. The crowdwas a little much for me,although it was fun. I tried it a again on a different night,agreeing again certain Nights.Being a 40+,has a lot to do with,which night.

Nubian Doll


A place where one can have a great cocktail, hear great music and "everybody knows your name"!

The Beautiful One
The Beautiful One

I really like the Libra Lounge, it has a great atmosphere and the staff is awesome. It has a family environment setting and I recommend that everyone try to get by there real soon and check it out.


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