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Best New Coffee Shop Houston 2007 - Inversion Coffee House

Inversion Coffee House

Inversion Coffee House

1953 Montrose

Houston, TX 77006


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Readers' Choice: Catalina Coffee

This coffeehouse is attracting as much attention as its namesake. Inspired by Inversion, the giant-vortex house that once stood at 1956 Montrose, Inversion Coffee House has just as many Houstonians stopping by for its art as for its killer cup of joe. Inversion has all the pleasantries of Starbucks (i.e., quality coffee served by a staff that doesn't think they're above taking your order) as well as its own flair. It shares space with Art League Houston, and owner Michael Terrazas welcomes local artists on his walls. The coffee shop has been around for less than a year, but it's hard to find a time the tables aren't filled with students, business types, artsy types and pretty much all types. But no worries — the staff is on the ball and, regardless of the number of customers, you'll hardly ever wait longer than a couple of minutes for a latte.

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good day! i am an artist and musician. I am toleerant, maticulous, precise, lingustically inclined, and studious. i am currently working a temp job and i am pregnant. I have worked as a barista at Barnes and Noble cafe and had customers lineing up out the door before morning shift. i don't stand around and chat although i am willing to listen and provide impeccable service with out inferring innapropriate and irrelevent details. i would thuroughly enjoy the opportunity to work at your spot and could deffineatly desplay art work that could deffineatly inhance business. thankyou rosslyn Howard