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Best Pet Psychic Houston 2007 - Lai Ubberud

Lai won "Best Psychic" two years ago, so it's no cowinky-dink that she'd move on to animals once she got people down. Whether she's working with two-, four- or no-legged creatures, she has a freaky way about her, seemingly bridging three worlds — past, present and future. While any pet owner — or, shall we say, anyone owned by a pet — develops a psychic connection with the creature, Lai seems to connect with animals she has no day-to-day contact with. Need proof? Check out her book Celebrity Pets Tell All, published last year by a division of Simon & Schuster. Despite its cutesy cover, it's actually a tender take on what various animals are ruminating on, whether they're pets of celebrities or celebrity animals themselves, such as Lassie. Maybe Lai has the inside scoop because her Swedish husband is named "Lasse." Whatever — the book's a fun half-hour read and purrfect stocking stuffer for a young friend, metaphysician or ­celebrity-watcher.

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I believe that Lai was an Angel sent to guide me through rough times. The first time I sat down with Lai the first thing she told me is that I would need surgery real soon! Well that went in one ear and out the other thinking she was wrong. Well 6 days later I found myself in the emergency room with a terrible pain. The doctor came in and told me that my gallbladder had to be removed immediately! The first thing I thought about was Lai was right. The next thing that comes to mind is when my grandmother was ill I asked Lai why she had not passed yet. The doctors kept saying she would go any day for weeks. Lai told me she was waiting for a young male to come say good bye and that she would die on August 11th. My cousin who is a young male had not been able to come see her and he called me saying he was on his way to see her! At this point it was August 10th I was just wowed!! So on August 11th in the morning there was no change in my grandmother so I thought "ok my cousin has come and said his good byes and she is still the same" The nurse came that morning to check her and told us that It would be another few day before she went. With that in mind I left to go home and take a break I had not been gone but just 2 hours when my aunt called and said "grandma just passed". My grandmother died on August 11th as I was told she would. Lai is a wonderful person with beautiful gift that will always be dear to me.

D.R. Anthony
D.R. Anthony

I have used LAI's services for over a year she is not only one of the best in Houston she is one of the most accurate in the country. Before you know it she will be more well known than let�s say a Silvia Brown because most physics that are currently household names can't hold a candle to her natural God given skills and unlike tons of physic who go to physic training school ha ha, she was just born with her extraordinary gift. As people figure out just how good she really is, she will definitely be one of the most sought after physics on the planet she just hasn't been discovered yet but she will, you can't keep someone with her skill level secret forever as the saying goes the cream of the crop always rises to the top. So the morale to the story is dear residents of Texas take advantage of being able to access her time now and get your readings because before you know it she will be in the big time in Hollywood somewhere and will be too busy to take on new clients, we all know how it goes if you not a previous client before a good psychic hits the big time you can sign on the waiting list which is normally Six months to a year to receive a reading I guess this is why David and Solomon who were two of the wisest men in human history keep a staff of good psychics around at all times oh please excuse me they were called Prophets not psychics. Just keeping it real, so give her a call and experience what I am sharing with you for yourself.

D. R. Anthony


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