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Best Pizza Houston 2007 - Antonio's Flying Pizza

Antonio\'s Flying Pizza

Antonio's Flying Pizza

2920 Hillcroft

Houston, TX 77057


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Readers' Choice: Barry's Pizza

The gourmet pizzas at Dolce Vita on Westheimer are fine — if they cook them long enough to get them crisp. But if you find yourself craving a plain old-fashioned cheese pie, it's time to go to Antonio's Flying Pizza. Antonio Rosa really throws his crusts. Normally, he caters to Houstonians, loading the pies with too much cheese and too much meat. But if you are smart enough to ask for an "extra crispy, light cheese" pizza with just a little garlic or peppers, you will get a sensational pie that will remind you of the ones served at little red-checkered tablecloth joints on the East Coast. The sausage-and-pepper sandwiches, spaghetti and meatballs, and calzones taste a lot like the East Coast versions, too. That's because Sicilian-born Antonio Rosa is a veteran of the East Coast Italian-American circuit. He owned a pizzeria in Fairfield, Connecticut, and another in Morristown, New Jersey, before moving to Houston and starting Antonio's Flying Pizza in 1971.

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Uhhhhh!!! obviously you people have never been to Cici's . They have the best pizza in the world


Bibas Ones a meal greek Villiage resturaunt is FAR better than antonio's flying pizza. Antonios flying pizza is at most the 3rd best I have had in houston. The best I have had is Biba's on grey@stanford, followed by the origional Fuzzies pizza (in the galleria area. I have never been a fan of cracker crust pizza.


Papa La Rosa???? You have GOT to be kidding!! Their italian food sucks - never in my life have I eaten worse food! Brother's Pizzaria is the BEST pizza on the planet! Get your pallet checked!


i strongly disagree with the houston press! because papa la rosa flying pizza has the best pizza in houston! obviously the houston press has not had good pizza. papa la rosa pizza is delicious and the price is just right!