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Best Place to Buy Fish Houston 2007 - Central Market

Central Market

Central Market

3815 Westheimer

Houston, TX 77027


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Are you a fool for flounder? A sucker for salmon? A cuckoo for cod? Ah, well, you probably see where we're going. And that's straight to Central Market, where seafood is delivered fresh six days a week and you'll find one of the biggest selections in the city. And if you're stuck in the same old rut, menuwise, you can exercise your seafood palate, 'cause the Market has 100 varieties of saltwater and freshwater fish. Plus, their profishional experts will prepare your selection to your liking while you see what else the store has to offer. Now you have an excuse to go mad for mahi-mahi, to go wild for whitefish...

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Shanna Butler
Shanna Butler

My husband John Butler is the manager of of this Seafood department, and he works so hard, and I am very proud of him. YAY John!