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Best Pork Chop Houston 2007 - Perry's Steakhouse

Perry\'s Steakhouse

Perry's Steakhouse

9827 Katy Freeway

Houston, TX 77024


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The pork chop at Perry's ain't no ordinary pork chop, it's a damn roast. It's known as the Seven Finger Pork Chop, 'cause when it stands tall on your plate, it's a full seven fingers high. Before carving it, your server will inform you that this cut has an eyelash, ribs and tenderloin and that it takes a full five days to make this beauty, what with the curing, smoking and roasting and all. It has a wonderful, smoky, caramelized flavor, which almost renders the accompanying herb-garlic sauce unnecessary. It is served with homemade applesauce and mashed potatoes with dill.

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T Rutter
T Rutter

After 3 days, I still have the essence of the pork chop trickling from my taste buds. My friend Perry (Not related to Perry's Steakhouse) had a hard time eating the whole pork chop. The pork chop gets tastier closer to the bone.

In Hawaiian we have a term. Onolicious!!!!!

Be sure to get this on Wed. as it is 1/2 price. You can definately bust a gut over this one.


Margot has probably never tasted that chop. margot you need to go to perrys and then tell us what you really think.


That is the tastest pork chop i have ever had. This is better than my momma's pork chop. And that is hard to beat.


I argue that El Meson has the best pork chop! It is to die for!