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Best Public Library Branch Houston 2007 - McGovern-Stella Link

McGovern-Stella Link

McGovern-Stella Link

7405 Stella Link

Houston, TX 77025


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So many libraries are stale, stiff, silent. They?re more like mortuaries than hubs of active study and learning. Not so McGovern-Stella Link, located in a modern glass and brick building with sleek furniture, efficient computers, a buzzing snack area and loads of natural light. With a line that forms outside on most mornings, it passes the most important test for any great library: People use it.
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robyn lewis
robyn lewis

As a libraian at this wonderful library I am very proud that I can offer a great service to as many smiling faces as I do everyday! Hopefully \"libraries\" as a whole will start to feel more like it does here than like a mortuary!!!


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