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Best Radio News Houston 2007 - KUHF, 88.7 FM

Houston used to be a thriving town for radio news, but those days are long past. Clear Channel has taken a big ax to the newsrooms of KTRH and KPRC, and while the reporters who remain do stellar work, in many ways the product is a shell of what it once was. Which makes the choice for local radio news an easy one: KUHF. As a public radio station, they're not as driven by the bottom line and can devote more time and resources to covering the city. Laurie Johnson and Rod Rice are talented, dedicated and know Houston well. We all might wish KUHF would put even more resources into the newsroom, but at this point, we have to take what we can get. Luckily, what we're getting from KUHF is pretty damn good.

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Jack Valinski
Jack Valinski

It may be the best news in Houston, but it has a lot to be desired, too many feature stories rather than local news, why do they have a Washington reporter, when they have npr for national news rather than a Houston city hall reporter. And too many upbeat soft business stories.