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Best Second Banana/Supporting Actor Houston 2007 - Annalee Jeffries as Virginia in The Clean House at the Alley Theatre

Annalee Jeffries is one of Houston's most wonderful treasures. Funny, fierce, smart and glowing with charisma and charm, the quirky actor is a bright spot in every production she joins. But this season she created one of her most unforgettable performances as the dowdy kook of a sister in the Alley Theatre's production of Sarah Ruhl's The Clean House. Though she did not play the lead, she was, in most every important way, the swooning soul of the production. Her bumbling Virginia was so fully imagined that her every gesture felt as though it was coming from some mystical place of truth.

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celeste roberts
celeste roberts

Thank you for recognizing Annalee Jeffries. Its unbelievable that the Alley chooses not to use this phenomenal talent more often and that she is now relegated to supporting roles. Despite that, you can't hide talent and she's got it in spades. Way to go Annalee, we Houstonians love and appreciate you!