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Best South American Restaurant Houston 2007 - Nelore



4412 Montrose Blvd.

Houston, TX 77006


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Nelore is the name of Brazil's most famous breed of cattle, so it's no wonder that it's all about the meat here, and lots of it. Oh sure, there's a fabulous salad bar with copious amounts of smoked salmon, extra-large shrimp, huge asparagus stalks and Brazilian cheese puffs galore. But why bother? It's about the meat. This churrascaria has waiters dressed as gauchos who visit each table armed with three-foot-long skewers, each containing one of the 18 meats they offer here. They keep on coming until you can't take it anymore. Favorite cuts include the filet mignon, beef tenderloin doused with garlic sauce, lamb, chicken hearts and the pork sausage known as linguiça. There is one dessert that is worth leaving room for, and that is a smooth papaya cream topped off with a splash of Crème De Cassis...mmm!

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Nelore is great! Incredible atmosphere, excellent lighting and prompt service. It's so much nicer than Fogo, absolutely a fun, charming date place

Jan Niedrau
Jan Niedrau

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