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Best Sports Moment Houston 2007 - Biggio's 3,000th Hit

Taking nothing away from the Coogs' C-USA championship night, Houston was host to another athletic night to remember for all time this year. The 2007 Astros season opened with all eyes on ­second-baseman Craig Biggio as he chased the storied mark of 3,000 career hits; unfortunately, Bidge struggled at the plate and on the field, making the drama more of a slog than a celebration. All that changed on the night he finally reached the plateau, however. He entered the game June 28 three hits shy, no doubt creating dreams in owner Drayton McLane's head that several more nights of sold-out crowds were still to come. Instead Bidge blasted five hits that night, the most important one coming on a seventh-inning single that made him Mr. 3,000. Amid the ensuing wave of affection, cheering and hugs, Biggio marched to the Astros dugout and forced former teammate Jeff Bagwell to take the field with him. Seeing the beaming pair — with Bags shaggily resembling a surfer dude headed for the beach — is an image Houston sports fans won't forget.

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The year 2007 was a year to remember for Houston football fans. The Houston Texans had the first round draft pick in 2006 and we all remember how well that turned out. The night before the draft the Texans choose Mario Williams and the entire city wander around for days asking who? Why? Are you kidding me? The Texans had passed on hometown hero and Rose Bowl god Vince Young. It was the single worst decision I have every witnessed. The Houston Press has listed its Best Sport Moment of 2007 as Craig Biggio�s 3000th home run hit, I disagree. Probably the best sports moment I have every witnessed ever was the overtime win of the Tennessee Titans versus the Houston Texans. Vince Young came to his hometown and showed Houston what they were missing. The stadium was peppered with local fans wearing Vince Young Titans and University of Texas jerseys. It was an exciting game with a tie score in the 4th quarter which eventually lead to over time. I have never been in stadium were the visiting team had so much support. There were times were Texans fans would cheer when Vince would make a play. It was the surreal experience.

As the game went into to overtime the Reliant Stadium was at its feet. The excitement was electrifying. Watching the game progress I felt like I was watching the end of the Rose Bowl were Vince Young single handedly lead the team to victory. I couldn�t believe it he was bringing the Rose Bowl to Houston. It was like an exact reenactment. Then in the last play of the game, with the last down, Vince Young ran the ball in and scored the winning touchdown. The entire packed stadium (very rare in 2007, let alone after half-time) was cheering for Vince. It was unbelievable; I still get goose bumps thinking about it. The fans cheers soon turned to anger, they soon realized that he could have been theirs. Vince Young walked into Reliant Stadium and owned it. It also didn�t help that David Carr Houston�s quarterback was sacked more than points we would score in a game. It was a slap in the Texans owner/management�s face not in the fans face. In some weird way it help Vince Young�s fan heal, it was absolute proof that not choosing Vince was a very bad decision. The Texans had no choice but to wake up and take notice. In conclusion Houston Press take notice the best sports moment of 2007 was the winning touchdown Vince scored against the Texans.