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Best Tex-Mex Houston 2007 - La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant - CLOSED

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant

9739 Katy Freeway

Houston, TX 77024


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There's a Schlitz beer poster with a photo of a caballero in a huge sombrero astride his horse hanging above La Fiesta's front door. (When was the last time you saw a Schlitz ad?) And then there's a mural of a Mexican village on the back wall. The original La Fiesta at Katy Freeway and Bunker Hill Road is one of those Tex-Mex time capsules that are fast disappearing. The little 30-table joint opened in 1972, right around the time that Houstonians discovered a new drink sensation, frozen margaritas. A year later, sizzling fajitas became the rage. As a result, La Fiesta's menu straddles two eras. There are plenty of Tex-Mex combination plates, and old-fashioned favorites like chalupas and tostadas, and then there's the "modern style" menu items such as sizzling fajitas and frozen margaritas. After 35 years of practice, La Fiesta does it all incredibly well, and at unbelievably cheap prices.

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Marlene Rocha
Marlene Rocha

I love La Fiesta. It reminds me of "home" in the Rio Grande Valley. The food is excellent, the prices are cheap, wait staff is wonderful and it is excellent home cooking!

We will see you again next week! Can't keep the girls from wanting Fiesta every day so we made a deal!Ms. Rocha


Starting off at 8 A.M. in the morning, Pico De Gallo�s kitchen staff starts to prepare the fresh meals for the day. They make the dough for their tortillas, slice onions, grill their authentic fajita meat, simmer their fresh refried beans, cook the Mexican rice, fresh warm salsa, and the list goes on. Furthermore, La Fiesta has great reviews, but I still believe Pico De Gallo has the greatest fajita in town. Through all of the reviews La Fiesta may have low prices and �great Mexican food�, but they do not specialize in any specific plate of Mexican food, unlike Pico De Gallo. Most of Pico De Gallo�s reviews rave about their �fresh sizzling fajitas with a splash of lime� or their cooling margaritas, or warm homemade salsa. In addition, even Pico De Gallo�s food presentation appears to be better. The plates at La Fiesta look like they were slopped on the plate without any care, as if the restaurant wanted the customer in and out. Pico De Gallo�s plates are bright and vibrant which goes with the taste of their food. If anything Pico De Gallo puts la fiesta in your mouth. Just the smell as you walk into the door makes your mouth water. Not only does Pico De Gallo have better specified food, but they also do their best at workmanship. Pico De Gallo strives at doing and being their best. They are always looking for something that will make the restaurant better. In the Houston Press I read that La Fiesta has been open since 1974 and has only opened two other new locations. Pico De Gallo has only been open for four years and has already opened one new location, whereas it took La Fiesta almost thirty years to open two new locations. In addition, not only has Pico De Gallo been successful at opening a new restaurant for being such a new restaurant, the staff and the owners are amazing. Jaime and Lupe Garcia, the owners, have strived to keep the restaurant in top condition, with cleanliness and excellent service. If a customer is not satisfied with their meal they attempt to see if the customer would enjoy something else or maybe a dessert on the house. They always do their best to please their customers. Furthermore, Pico De Gallo is not just known by the community, but they are also known by fellow athletes like Jason Babin and David Carr from the Texans football team, Steven Lopez (Olympic medalist), and even the mayor of Sugar Land, David G. Wallace.


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