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Best Theatrical Idea Houston 2007 - 365 Plays/365 Days

When Suzan Lori Parks became the first black woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama — for 2001's TopDog/Underdog — you'd think she might have been willing to sit back on her laurels for a while. Not the reigning queen of American theater. Just one year later, in November 2002, she came up with what may be the most audacious theatrical idea ever. She would write a play a day, then theaters around the world would produce those plays. Called 365 Days/365 Plays, the project was open to any willing theater. The royalties were nominal and the technical requirements minimal. All a group had to do was sign up. Kudos to the Houston companies that put us on the map, including Mildred's Umbrella, Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre, the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, and Infernal Bridegroom Productions. Houstonians will get two more chances to see this "far out" idea (as Parks called it). The Strand Theatre in Galveston and Nova Arts Project are both signed up for a week of plays in October.

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