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Best Thrift Shop Houston 2007 - Value Village Super Store

Value Village Super Store

6425 Harrisburg St.

Houston, TX 77011


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Readers' Choice: Buffalo Exchange

While Value Village Super Store has plenty to offer anyone stocking an apartment on a budget, the best part of the thrift store is its stock of weird crap to buy for stupid reasons. You can get an old computer screen to throw off a building for a YouTube movie. You can pick up a VHS preview of CBS's 1991 season and laugh at all the shows that didn't make it to '92. You can purchase famed photographs of sailboats or kittens to tear up and doodle obscene pictures over for part of an art project. You can stock your cupboard with coffee cups featuring the names of rural Texas high school football teams or Las Vegas hotels/casinos that closed in 1985. And all of the above will cost you less than 20 bucks.

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I love this store! I only problem is I can't get anyone from the store to tell me exactly where to find coupons!


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I am looking for a size 54XL, or 56, 58, Black (only) Sport coat, or suit.

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