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Best Vegetarian Houston 2007 - Baba Yega

Baba Yega

Baba Yega

2607 Grant

Houston, TX 77006


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Readers' Choice: Hobbit Caf

The menu may not be strictly vegetarian, but most of the second page of Baba Yega's menu is devoted to meat-free fare. It's not all soy protein, either, although the veggie club, stacked with provolone and fake bacon and turkey, is one of the best choices. If actual vegetables are what you're after, there's plenty of pastas, sandwiches and even a veggie loaf — all made with everything from asparagus to zucchini. The place also serves a nice array of salads that are so tasty you'll pay $1 to substitute them for your French fries, if you know what's good for you.

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Vegetarian restaurants in and around Houston, a subject I am an expert in, serve up every type of food from soul food to Indian food, and dishes ranging from more than real �quail� to really yummy avocado po-boys. Houston Press� pick for best vegetarian restaurant- Baba Yega, a restaurant that isn�t even fully vegetarian, is not the best vegetarian restaurant. First I must start out with why Baba Yega is not the best vegetarian cuisine in Houston. Salads, although many may think, are not a main stable of a vegetarian; therefore does not in any way make for a good vegetarian restaurant, and Baba Yega�s salad choice is about all they have going for them. I once tried their pricey �meatloaf� they had to offer as a specialty vegetarian dish with much enthusiasm. However, after tasting it, I was very unsatisfied and munched on the side orders left on my plate rather than the main course. The meatloaf , obviously made with a fake meat you can buy in a nice grocery store ( I won�t name the brand), tasted like it had been heated up in the microwave. At least the restaurant was smart enough to put their own sauce on top of it; however, it did not save the doomed dish by any means. Now for the reason why whoever did their research, obviously didn�t do there research � Bombay Sweets, Quan Yin, Sun fired Foods, Peppertree, and Hometown Vegetarian. Also if you have to name a restaurant The �Best of� that has good vegetarian food, but not completely vegetarian, the best choices are obviously Hobbit Caf�Van Loc, Aladdin�s, Ziggy�s Healthy Grill, and Field of Greens. Now for a description of the actual two best vegetarian restaurants in Houston- Quan Yin and Sun fired Foods. Quan Yin, my favorite by far and also a favorite of everyone I know ( including meat eaters), has an array of selection for any veggie/vegan who would like to reminisce on what meat tastes like without feeling guilty. This restaurant doesn�t just offer amazing traditional vegetarian Vietnamese dishes, you can also indulge yourself in grilled chicken, lobster, sweet and sour pork, quail, shrimp balls with tomato sauce, shark fin soup, and my favorite- curry fried chicken. Always ask for the picture menu, and start out with either the spring rolls with veggie ham or eggless egg rolls, which will definitely catch you by surprise. Next, chose your entr�carefully not because something on the menu might not tantalize your taste buds, but because the menu offers so much it is too hard to choose. I advise dining with at least three friends and share 4 different dishes.