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Best Veggie Burger Houston 2007 - Rudyard's



2010 Waugh

Houston, TX 77006


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Rudyard's has some of the best bar food in Houston, and their veggie burger with cheese is no exception. The patty is not of the homemade variety, but on a toasted bun with cheddar and honey mustard, it's really quite tasty. The fries have something about them, too, especially when accompanied by a side of honey mustard. Wait, there's a trend here; maybe it all comes down to the honey mustard, though it's probably the atmosphere that makes everything so good. Throw in ambient noise from an eclectic crowd, a great jukebox and plenty of beer and it almost seems like it's not a veggie burger at all.

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It is just a garden burger! go to the store and microwave yourself one! I thought the eggplant parmesan sandwich was good though but I did add bacon.


the jukebox has been gone for awhile. i've never had the veggie burgers but i agree that they have GREAT bar food. i've never had a bad thing on the menu. the burgers (sometimes overcooked) and sandwiches are tasty and served on pain au lait buns. get tater tots instead of fries.