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Best 15 Minutes of Fame Houston 2008 - Roland Carnaby

This one is just waiting to be turned into a movie: In May, a Houston police officer pulled over Roland Carnaby for speeding. Carnaby presented some sort of ID with "Central ­Intelligence Agency" stamped on it, plus a concealed handgun permit. The officer also reported that Carnaby was acting nervously. After some talk about who at the CIA could vouch for Carnaby, the man sped away, ­resulting in yet another Houston chase. When he finally stopped, officers ordered him out, but he refused. ­Unfortunately, this one ended in tragedy — police shot Carnaby to death. Over the next few days, details of Carnaby's ­bizarre claims emerged, presenting a portrait of a man who apparently led a very weird — yet often convincing — fantasy life.

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Some people are sick of seeing this story and think he was a fraud. It is still ongoing and the wife is claiming that federal agents will vouch for him under oath and official contracts will be shown in court. Check out the coverage and investigating from this site. the pics and timeline are amazing.