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Best Antique Store Houston 2008 - Kuehnert's Auction ­Gallery, Inc.

Kuenhert's Auction house is not quite a store, but there's not a more exciting way in town to shop for fabulous French antiques, plush Persian rugs or even a palette full of kooky knick-knacks, old toys, or strange hats. Every Thursday night, the hearty souls who are game enough pick up a number, sit down in the audience and wait for the auctioneer to start the bidding. Everything goes and there's no minimum bid, so stunning deals are to be had by all. Designers have been going there for years; now it's your chance to get in on the action. All it takes is a quick hand and a strong heart — once that arty armoire is yours, there's no returning it.

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This place is TERRIBLE!! They are very unprofessional and down right MEAN! They have no idea about how to treat a customer!


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