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Best Bar Bathroom Houston 2008 - Rudyard's (downstairs men's room)

We have no idea who a certain local character we'll charitably refer to as "T.B." may be, and that puts us in the definite minority among those who use Rudyard's downstairs men's room — or at least write on its walls. There we learned T.B. (allegedly) "licks ass (...and does your laundry)," "has Brad's whiskey dick," "is a blood donor" and "makes awesome pasta sauce." Also, he apparently "finger-banged A.D. Player's lady," "is the fucking champion of Texas" and "it was the sight of T.B.'s naked body that drove Brian Wilson insane." The paper-towel dispenser is helpfully labeled "Free T.B. T-shirts — pull." There's other graffiti in the bathroom, some of it hilarious — "Yao Ming's Glory Hole," "Shut up Santa" — but it's studying the continuing saga of T.B. ("...eats pussy with a spoon and a napkin") that makes us spend a little more time in there than we really should. Yeah, that's what it is.

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T.B. is a noted, former artistic director for a local indy theatre group. He was being feted some time ago before leaving the country with $2 LoneStars and burgers by his friends. They had Sharpies. The Rudz Witz took over from there. (BTW, T.B. = Anthony Barilla, and he prolly doesn't eat pussy with a spoon)