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Best Benefit to Living Downtown Houston 2008 - Not Driving a Car

Let's face it, in a day and age when paying five bucks or possibly more for a gallon of gas has become a reality, not driving is more than just nice. It's great. Think of it: No hour-plus commutes each way with ridiculous amounts of traffic. Downtown, you can do this strange activity many Houstonians previously thought to be long extinct called walking. If you want, you can also ride that thing in the back of your garage you haven't used since you got your driver's license. It's called a bicycle.

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But the downside to living in Downtown Houston is that the majority of all the decent/interesting nightlife is on Wertheimer, in Midtown, the heights or any place other than Downtown. House of Blues is a nice new addition, and the Saucer & Franks is always good for a beer. But what about wanting to hear some decent rock, or blues belted out with some real soul. We have a lot of former New Orleans residents living here, but only a small amount of their influence in the nightlife scene, and that�s only when you search for it in between every rock and hard place. On the weekend I have to leave downtown, because the crowd that shows up is chalked full of out-of-towns and way too many 'popped-collars' LOLAnother issue is that all the good places to eat are only open during lunch or till 8-9 during the week. Seriously? It's downtown Houston, not Peoria Oklahoma (does that even exist;-P) But I'm sure you get my point. At least most nights I can hop on the light rail and check out whoever is playing at the Continental Club and grab tacos from next door.

A girl can only dream of variety.

End Rant.