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Best Brasserie Houston 2008 - Brasserie Max & Julie

Brasserie Max & Julie

Brasserie Max & Julie

4315 Montrose Blvd.

Houston, TX 77006


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Owners Laurence and Chris Paul of Café Rabelais fame have managed to create an authentic brasserie experience in the heart of Montrose with their Brasserie Max & Julie. With not too much imagination, you'll be transported to Paris in an instant, and not just by the decor. They have Kronenbourg on tap and an excellent selection of French wines that won't break the bank. Now all that's left is to select from the extensive menu of traditional brasserie favorites like soupe à l'oignon, escargots, foie gras or pâté as a starter. For your main course, you can't go wrong with the steak tartare et frites, the boeuf bourguignon or the cassoulet. Finish with a soufflé. All of these classic dishes are prepared perfectly, and you won't find a more charming place than this one.

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Have been to this restaurant a few times on business and enjoyed it - but went yesterday with family and experience was not Good. In the absence of the owners the place was largely staffed by inexperienced untrained youngsters who could not cope with a busy Saturday evening. Just one e.g. from many - my glasses of fizzy bottled water were topped up by waiter with tap water so i bought another bottle _ and they did it again!! When a rather large cockroach appeared on the wall by my table and wandered around for a few minutes - we really could not enjoy the food so left. Told the "manager" but still got a full bill for everything. Rather sad cos i had liked this place.