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Best Cheeseburger Houston 2008 - The Hill Bar & Grill - CLOSED

The Hill Bar & Grill

The Hill Bar & Grill

33111 Haley Road

Waller, TX 77484


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J's Special at The Hill Bar & Grill in Waller is a cheeseburger served on Texas toast. Swapping out a bun for two double-thick slices of toasted white bread sounds like a pretty minor change. But the effect that ­aggressively griddled Texas toast has on this cheeseburger is quite r­emarkable. The burger comes wrapped in ­tissue paper and served in a paper-lined ­basket on a bed of fries. A thick square of melted American cheese bubbles invitingly over the side, sticking the burger, the three slices of tomato, the crinkle-cut pickles and the Texas toast together. The mayo is spread so thick on the bottom a little oozes out. There is a little yellow mustard on the top. The crunch of the slightly greasy Texas toast and the velvety smoothness of the melted ­American cheese contrast wildly with the drippy half pound of juicy ground beef and fixin's. It's like a big handmade Texas burger stuffed inside a giant grilled-cheese sandwich.

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Really? When did Waller become a suburb of Houston? You guys must of had a road trip on the premise of a free cheeseburger, right? Why not have an issue called "The Best Of Waller", or, "The Best Of Washington on the Brazos? You guys @ H.P. are getting lame....used to be a good publication.


bull! i've eaten their cheeseburgers. they suck. i wouldn't eat another one if it was free. their "famous" bar-b-que beans also suck. don't waste your gas going out there.