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Best Commentator Houston 2008 - Jim Deshaies — ­Houston Astros, Fox Sports ­Houston

Readers' Choice: Milo Hamilton

Jim Deshaies had some tough shoes to fill when he took over the Astros analyst spot from Larry Dierker. But let's just say, as J.D. settles into his second decade as the Astros TV analyst, that he has not only surpassed Dierker, he has perhaps surpassed every other analyst in baseball. The former starting pitcher knows the ins and outs of the game, from pitching to hitting to fielding to strategy. Best of all, he's not a homer, and if the good guys goof up, he'll let you know how and why. And then there's his quick wit and his ability to throw out a Seinfeld reference or obscure pop culture trivia at a moment's notice. Nothing gets past Deshaies, and, if you pay attention, you'll learn more from him than just about any baseball geek in the country.

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Tom Wayburn
Tom Wayburn

I would rather listen to Jim Deshaies than to any other commentator in any sport regardless of the time in history without exception. In my opinion, Deshaies is the most entertaining sports broadcast personality of all time. I have been following sports since about 1941 when I ushered in Briggs Stadium in Detroit as a small boy. Frankly, it is unlikely that any earlier broadcaster could measure up because of the unfortunate styles in vogue until recently. Jim's sense of humor is simply perfect according to my best lights. Of course, it must be admitted I haven't heard everyone. Nevertheless, it strikes me that the overwhelming odds are that he is the best.

B. Jones
B. Jones

Brown and Deshaies have to be the most annoying commentators on the planet. Brown cackles as every Deshaies attempt at being funny, and the more Brown cackles the more Deshaies cracks wise. They start talking about minor league player, or some obscure player in the 70's. Astros could have bases loaded and chance to win game and these guys are talking about some catcher that set some record back in the 80's. I have become so desperate I have muted the TV and started listiing to Milo,"not thats desperate" I recently traveled outside of Texas and for a week I watched some real professional baseball commentators, mostly American league games, it was like a breath of fresh air, professional commentators, actually focused on the game at hand.

Lewis Zingery
Lewis Zingery

JD and KB are the best. Enough said......BUT.... when they show the AFLAC Trivia, in 5 seconds or less JD is already weighing in with his answers. And he's always right. Of course he's right. It's his life. The idea is not to see if he gets it, it's to see if we get it, but he spoils it for us. makes the whole segment pointless, except for him to show off, I guess. Ya might wanna re-think how you do that particular promo.


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