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Best Crawfish Houston 2008 - Swampy's Cajun Shack

Swampy\'s Cajun Shack

Swampy's Cajun Shack

26440 FM 1093

Richmond, TX 77494


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If you like your mudbugs out on a patio with lots of beer and a Hawaiian Tex-Mex cover band, then Swampy's is your kind of place. The rest of the Cajun menu is hit or miss. But the bar is always hopping, and the crawfish are a relative bargain. Last spring, while the average price in Houston was between $4.50 and $5.50 a pound, Swampy's was charging only $3.50 a pound. But beware: The highly spiced, boiled crawfish at Swampy's will turn your fingers orange. That's because they're coated with peppery powder after they come out of the spicy boil. Absentmindedly licking your sticky fingers puts a fresh coat of cayenne on your palate. Which is why you will need more beer than usual to quench the fire.

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Too much salt, not too much spice


Save your MONEY. Service-unheard of, Cajun-don't think so, Price-unbelievable, Atmosphere-not awfully friendly, beer-warm, not a good selection or the beer truck had not stopped by? All in all I will not be back. Stick with Rajun Cajun or Captain Toms Boat!