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Best Delivery Houston 2008 - Star Pizza

Star Pizza

Star Pizza

2111 Norfolk

Houston, TX 77098


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Don't feel like going out? Microwave seem too complicated? The staff at Star Pizza will help. You won't hear any groans if you want to switch around your toppings one last time, or cover only half the pie in olives. Then again, you can always kick it old school with one of the classic options that Star has been serving Houston since 1976. Delivery people will happily bring change to your door, so you won't have to fish around for the exact amount. And once you open that box and the aroma of fresh pizza fills your place, you'll be glad you tipped the delivery guy an extra buck. To ensure freshness, Star delivers to a limited area, so if you're out of bounds, you may want to consider relocating.

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I've been enjoying Star Pizza for too many years to count. I'm 37 now, but have been eating there for WELL over 20 years (Norfolk location).

My wife & I recently ordered a pizza to-go, as has been our Sunday ritual for the last 3 years. When we got the pizza home, we opened the box to find the exact opposite pizza to what we usually get (We got: anchovies, pineapple, jalapenos, wheat-crust, deep-dish, We usually get: � Starburst, � Margarita).

I called to explain the situation to the management, and they said, no problem... just bring it back. We live 45 miles from Star's Norfolk location (we live in Pearland), so that wasn't an option. Eric & James (managers) assured me that they'd make it right by either a) refunding our money, or b) placing a 'credit' against my phone number/account.

Guess what... called in to exercise my 'credit', and lo-and-behold... no record of the transaction. I first spoke to Eric who was unwilling to assist and make it right, then I spoke to James, who was also unwilling to help and make it right.

I AM EXTREMELY ANNOYED by this situation. As I said earlier, I�ve been enjoying Star Pizza for 20+ years, but their unwillingness to make this situation right, has soured them in our mind. THEY HAVE LOST ME AS A CUSTOMER, and when I told them that they were losing my business, James said, and I quote, �Fine with me. Don�t call back�.

Eat at Star if you want good pizza. If you want decent service and customer satisfaction, eat elsewhere.


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