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Best Fried Chicken Houston 2008 - Frenchy's



3919 Scott St.

Houston, TX 77021


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Just across from the University of Houston, Frenchy's is the perfect place to avoid cafeteria food and even make those freshman 15 worth gaining. Get in line at the drive-thru, or get in your exercise by walking up to the stand to order fresh fried chicken with just enough grease to make it moist while retaining the crispy, spicy Cajun crust. Forks and knives just slow down the process, so ask for extra wet-naps and dig in. For penny-pinching patrons, meal deals are a must. The extra-large wings, breasts and thighs are served in a convenient box with Frenchy's fluffy biscuit and a choice of delectable sides.

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charles musgray
charles musgray

I always tell people about the best chicken in Texas is at Frenchy's. I still remember the years I resided in Houston and I would always go by Frenchy's before I go Home.


can't get enough of that place. good thing it's just 3 minutes from my house.