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Best Gun Range Houston 2008 - Top Gun Handgun ­Training and Shooting Center

Top Gun Handgun ­Training and Shooting Center

Top Gun Handgun ­Training and Shooting Center

5901 Beverlyhill St.

Houston, TX 77057


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If you own a pistol/rifle/weapon, chances are you have a favorite place to shoot — and Top Gun should be that place, with its spacious indoor range and cheap fees. Monday is seniors' day, and anyone older than 62 can shoot for free. Women get the same deal on Wednesdays. There's a nice area to relax, decked out with hunting lodge-esque furniture and decor. The store has a cafeteria, meeting rooms and plenty of friendly staffers. The real genius of Top Gun, however, is that even if you don't own a gun, you can still unload with an Uzi. For $30 an hour, anyone older than 21 can rent a fully automatic weapon — including the Thompson submachine gun — though the deal comes with a "babysitter" for the range. Handguns are also available for $10 per hour. The store offers a variety of classes, from concealed handgun certification to training with tactical weapons. Top Gun gets bonus points for recycling all spent cartridges and for its nice display of Star Trek and Star Wars memorabilia, including official Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader Lightsabers, and a Storm Trooper Blaster.

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Janet Doffing
Janet Doffing

How come I was not offer a Handgun for $l0.00 per hour??Instead I was offer $12.00 for gun, $26.99 for ammo and$50.00 for training Total $92.2l welcoming first timer!!VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE RUDE SALESPERSON AND THE DISAPPEARING TRAINER!!!


Oh what great offer, it so nice that even senior citizen can practice shooting, together with women. Its an opportunity to the gun owners to familiarized their guns by practicing it in a shooting center, their arms need to be develop in handling it so that the accuracy of shooting the target will be enhance.Horus VisionThere are so many things that you can learn in a shooting center if you just allow yourself to be trained and to familiarized more your personal hand gun.


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