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Best Hidden Neighborhood Houston 2008 - Stella Link near ­Pershing Middle School

For years, the area surrounding Stella Link between Bellaire Boulevard and North Braeswood was a fairly unremarkable part of town. The homes were the standard ranches from the '60s or so, and there wasn't much to set it apart. But recently Pershing Middle School opened a shining new building to replace its crumbling facility. And that new school fits into an awesome stretch of Stella Link that now includes Pershing, an equally new and lavish YMCA and an equally new and fine library branch. Throw in nearby Mark Twain Elementary, and you can see why parents are flocking here — especially since the Medical Center is just minutes away.

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Um...where is the "hidden" part? This neighborhood is nothing but row of after row of McMansions now. It is as main stream as it gets. Lazy journalism.