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Best Hispanic Supermarket Houston 2008 - Mi Tienda

Mi Tienda

Mi Tienda

1630 Spencer Highway

South Houston, TX 77587


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Visiting Mi Tienda is like taking a quick trip to Mexico. When H-E-B decided to open the store, they wanted to create the most authentic Mexican grocery in Houston. They surpassed this goal. If you make it past the self-selection bakery, where you'll find tons of Mexican sweetbreads, you'll stumble across the fresh juice and aguas frescas bar with a selection like no other in town. Hungry? You won't be disappointed in the taco stand, where you can pick up your favorite Mexican plate for under five bucks. The fresh cheese and crema display will wow you, as will the ceviche stand and one of the biggest displays of fresh fruit and vegetables available. The meat counter is also like no other and includes a walk-in refrigerated section with whole pigs for sale as well as the special barbecue cooker known as la caja china.

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why I don't recive the special paper in my house...can you check for me please.....


I use to like going to this store whne it just opened but stop shopping there shortly after. It gets so packed and there is no room to walk. The aisles are so small, parking is so croeded, they have music blasting and when its time to chekout they have two or three registers open so i have to wait a long time. They also cramm all my groceries into very small bags that tear by the time i get home.