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Best Indonesian Restaurant Houston 2008 - Noodle House 88

Noodle House 88

Noodle House 88

9889 Bellaire Blvd.

Houston, TX 77036


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Houston ethnic food doesn't get much more exotic than this. But even if you aren't up to trying street foods like otak otak (tubular "fish cakes" grilled inside banana leaves and dipped in spicy peanut sauce), gado gado (watercress, long beans, cabbage, and fried tofu tossed in chili-spiked peanut sauce with crispy shrimp chips) or nasi goreng with sator (fried rice with "stink beans"), you will still find much to love at this little Indonesian diner. Try the chicken satay. You will think you've never eaten satay before. Covered in sweet soy-and-peanut sauce and dotted with chopped peanuts and garlic bits, the luscious Indonesian version of chicken satay is nothing like the dried-out chicken on a stick you get at Thai restaurants. Truth is, satay, much like the rest of Thai cuisine, comes from the much older culture of Indonesia.

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This restaurant (Noodle House 88) used to be the best Indonesian joint in Houston. Unfortunately they closed down earlier this year and have been replaced with an okay (read: so so) chinese restaurant.

If you're looking to satisfy an Indonesian craving you can check out Rice Bowl. They're on Bellaire between Eldridge and Hyw 6. A different menu selection compared to Noodle House but still a great restaurant. Rice Bowl (at first glance) looks like a typical americanized chinese restaurant (think General Joes) with pictures of the food on the wall. Fear not... just ask the waitress for the Indonesian menu and you'll be treated to much better food :)