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Best Interstate Church Houston 2008 - Lakewood Church

Lakewood Church

Lakewood Church

3700 Southwest Freeway

Houston, TX 77027


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Lakewood Church and its guru Joel Osteen are easy targets. Osteen has a cheesy grin, his wife fights with flight attendants and even Harris County prosecutors take issue with the Lakewood "screwballs and nuts." What seems to irk people the most is the gazillion dollars Osteen makes by talking and writing about the Good Book and JC. But he's a Houston celeb who doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The last time Osteen was on 60 Minutes, he cried and said his experiences were "very humbling." That, my friends, is how you sell books. The segment ended with Osteen bench-pressing 300 pounds and playing basketball. He sank a wild hook shot and called the shot "a prayer." Awesome.

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